Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day One.

Dolce is so much happier when she is thin, and so today we began the serious restricting, with meals being reduced from 1 cup to 1/3 cup. Here is Dolce's struggle at dinner:

Food scares her. She is thinking kibble = F-A-T

She approaches her food bowl with trepidation.

Finally, after a bit of coaxing, she eats tentatively. Please don't look at the fat covering her ribs; it's an unflattering angle.

The sensation of food in her belly makes Dolce feel out-of-control and shameful.

It's a good start though--a little bit of food is necessary, but try telling a dog that, LOL. We'll just hang in there, watching our Thinspiration, and pretty soon Dolce will look like the dogs in the slide show at the top of the page! :)

You will be so perfection, Dolce. ♥


  1. You're right, she could stand to lose 10 pounds. Anything I can do to help?

  2. OMGZ this is animal cruelty and I am going to call PETA on your ass.

    (But, really, I secretly think she's a little porker and could stand to skip a few meals. Have you tried mixing laxatives in with her food?)

  3. I was totally going to offer the laxative trick mentioned by girl america. Have you tried teaching her to stick her paw down her throat? Oh wait, she doesn't binge does she?

  4. You're mental. This dog is not fat. This is an animal, not a human. Do you have problems with weight yourself? Are you living through your dog and making her starve? She seems the perfect weight, even too skinny.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Honestly. This is sickening.

    You can see the outline of her body, she does not need to lose any weight.


  5. I sure hope you don't take all these negative 'anonymous' comments to heart!!! You are soooo doing the right thing. That dog NEEDS to be thinner. Have you spoken to the vet about gastric bypass???
    Sheesh... some of these other anony-noters are so OUT there! Clearly, your dog needs help and you are a WONDERFUL dog owner who should be emulated!